5 Content Types for Blog Posts

There are certain archetypes of content that people seem to always enjoy.

These content pieces are ones which often gain the most amount of traffic and buzz on the web. I’m going to take you through the five types of content that you could use that people will love and ignite your website with interaction.

Type 1: A List Post

List posts collect information related to a single topic; think of them as sub-chapters of a main chapter. List posts differ from ‘round ups’ by the virtue that they are more specific to a general topic rather than a general idea or theme. Lists may include a collection of tips about search engine optimization, videos from the 80’s by a favorite artist or really anything that you may want to focus on. If you want a perfect example of a list post you’re reading it; this post is a list of content ideas that people love – simple!

Type 2: An Interview

Interview someone who inspires or influences you about an idea or topic. Not only will you deliver great information if you score an interview that others want to hear but you’ll also be tapping into the interviewee’s community which may eventually become integrated into your own. Interviews are the perfect balance of simple-to-create content that have the ability to deliver quality information and send you a massive amount of traffic (and love).

Type 3: A Video Tutorial (Screencast)

Purchase a screen capture tool such as Camtasia or use a free service like Screenr to record a screencast. A screencast is nothing more than a video of your computer screen which shows you doing a particular action or tutorial. People love to watch and share screencasts because this already enough information out there in text-form; video changes up the game and lets people relax while learning. Additionally, videos will let you tap into websites like YouTube which have billions of video views each day; imagine gaining just a fraction of that to your website!

Type 4: A Round Up

Not to be confused with a list post; a round up is more oriented to rounding up the best resources on a particular topic. Round ups can be created around any number of items, themes and subjects. You’ll often find round ups set to certain days and themes on many blogs which share the best posts a blogger has found during the week. Other forms of list posts may be a collection of pictures, quotes, videos or ideas that inspire readers. Round ups are extremely simple to put together but shouldn’t be abused by posting them every day else the community will feel that you’re not trying hard to create your own, unique content.

Type 5: A Review

Reviews are amazing at two things: traffic and the ability to sell. When people begin researching, on the web, to buy a product they often couple their main keyword with ‘reviews’ to see what others have to say. If you’ve personally used an item or service, have something interesting to say and don’t lean your opinion to one side than you’ll have the ability to create a highly valuable post that not only ranks well in search engines but has the ability to sell the product or service.


Although this article describes five types of post that people love there are always many more out there (including a combination of each of the listed). In time, you’ll find which works best for your own site and learn new things about your community. Try out these ideas to see how well they fair on your website.

What works to get your readers engaged and back to your site?

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