Taking Advantage of Mobile Advertising

The mobile age is upon us and more people own at least one mobile device than ever before. This trend of mobile users is on an upward one with no signs of stopping. As a business owner it just makes sense to incorporate this method into your marketing efforts.

There are many ways to advertise to mobile users. This includes using a variety of apps and of sending text messages and tweets to people. This method of advertising is great for targeting local people.

For example if you run a restaurant you could send out a text or tweet to local users around the dinner hour. You can offer a special discount or coupon if they come and visit you for dinner. Another way is to offer an incentive such as a coupon for a free trial of a shampoo or a free consultation.

Google is set to introduce their Google Display Network which targets different users. You will have the ability to even target certain devices such as desktops, tablets or mobile.

Advertising via mobile devices is set to take on a new form. It is possible to set up video advertising, banner ads and streaming advertisements. You can create offers where people have to click to download a coupon. It is possible to have people click to listen to a pre-recorded phone message and more.

The benefit of using mobile based advertising is that it is done in real time. When someone receives a text message they are likely to open it immediately, if you compare this to when someone may open an email for example. The same applies to Facebook messages and Tweets people are going to read them sooner.

You can really get creative with mobile advertising and use it in various ways. If your business uses lots of images you could incorporate these into your advertising efforts. Another good example would be for a graphic designer to give away samples for anyone who takes advantage of their offer.

If you decide to go this route and incorporate mobile advertising there is an important step you need to do first. This is to ensure that your website is mobile ready. There are wordpress plugins that can do this very easily for you. They are quick to install and the visitor simply has to click a link which allows them to view on a mobile device.

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