Great SEO Tips for Your Content

Synchronize Search, Social, and Content to Get Found More Often

The combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and content creation go hand in hand to create valuable websites. If you plan to leave a lasting impression within your niche than use these following tips to craft the perfect content piece that search engines will love.

“Research your Keywords and Phrases” – Use keyword discovery tools such as the Google Keyword tool to focus on a single keyword you wish to rank for with your content. Keyword tools are easy to use and will give you an estimate as to what keywords people are searching for and the amount of traffic each generate. The purpose of discovering your keywords is to best plan how you will be optimizing your content for search engines. You will be applying these keywords throughout many sections of your content such as the title, description, body text and tags.

“Apply Proper On-Page SEO” – Apply your main keyword to the title tag; this is the string displayed within search engines and account for a large portion of search engine optimization for your page. Continue to optimize your content by reproducing the keyword throughout other sections of your page on such areas as the description tag (displayed in results) and used intelligently (meaning not too much) throughout the body of text. Optimizing your content with your keyword or words will result in a higher ranking within search engines and bring with it an increase in traffic, conversions and engagement with your visitors.

“Build Links and Buzz to your Content” – Begin building links to your content after the post has been published. Share your content on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Digg. Each backlink (links pointing back to your site) you build to your content-heavy page will directly result in a greater chance for higher search engine placement. Also remember that great content will naturally be linked to from other website owners if they find your content resourceful.

“Point to your Content in New Articles” – If your newest article covers a topic that falls within parallel of your existing content than take full advantage of anchor links by pointing back to the previous post. Not only will you give your readers additional value through the linked content but search engines will be able to dig deep into your website to apply a higher value from staying very specific to a niche topic.

“Always Create Valuable Content” – The best advice I can give you is this – when creating search engine friendly content is to give the best value to your readers. Although the value of your content cannot be directly understood by search engines it will matter when others begin linking back to your content on their own websites. Likewise, social media interaction is quickly becoming a major factor relevancy on the web; valuable content is more likely shared than others – keep that in mind.

Combining search engine optimization, social media, and great content are a lethal combination to your competitors. Content is the reason why people visit your website; combine SEO and social, you’re more likely to rank high within search engines vs. your competitors and mediocre content that fails to deliver. Higher rankings directly result in greater chances to build a community, show your authority, display your expertise and cement yourself as the go to business for your field.

Do you have any ideas you want to share on using SEO to promote Content? What works best for you? Leave a comment below.

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