How to Entice your Readers to Share your Content

No matter how valuable your content may be it won’t immediately draw the traffic you want unless influencers are likely to share it with others. Although you may have a strong community that’s extremely supportive of your work it can still be difficult to make them take action and share the content with others. There are still many small actions you can take to increase the chances of your content being shared en masse across the net; this article will explore a variety of those actions that will spread your message like a wild fire.

Provide a Solution to a Problem
Find a common problem people are having with a topic and craft your work completely around solving it. There are many problems which go unaddressed on the web which gives you the perfect niche to find content that will be extremely valuable to a community and thus entice your visitors to share with others they know have the same problem.

Use a Catchy Headline
Apply common link bait elements to your headline so your post works well within social media circuits. Link bait headlines are those which immediately draw the attention of a social media user to your post. The headline may be all that you need to have other users share the content as it’s one of the ‘too good to pass up’ style posts. Include your main keywords; get to the point but also use a hook to compliment what you plan to tell them. As an example: look at what magazines use for headlines because that’s what sells the work – apply it on your own content.

Craft Extremely Valuable Content
Create the best possible content about a topic. Look to find where others have skipped on detailing the topic and be sure to add them to your content. Include additional resources, link to other pages and share your own experiences about your topic. Try to cover your topic with the mindset that it will be the only time you create content about it; using this mindset, you’ll begin creating content that has lasting effects, valuable information and so thoroughly covered that people will treat it as a resource (this makes them likely to share with others).

Create a Clear Call-to-Actions
Always include a clear call-to-action (CTA). A Call-to-Action can be as simple as telling people, directly, to share your content, leave a comment or email your work to others. Other forms of call-to-actions may be to get in contact with you or buy a product. Whichever your choice for what you want the visitors to do you should always keep it straight and to the point; get people to share by telling them to.

Enable Easy Sharing with Widgets
Although it may only take a user a few seconds to submit your content to social networks it’s still an extra set of actions which can be streamlined by using social media sharing widgets on your page. Embed easy sharing options such as the Twitter ReTweet button, Facebook Like Button, StumbleUpon vote button and the Digg button that dynamically submits your content to each of the networks in a single click. You will find that visitors are more likely to share content if you remove the barrier of sending them to the main website to share your content which is why buttons make for a great addition when enticing users to share.

There is a variety of actions you can take to entice your community to share your content with others on the web. Combine multiple techniques to improve your chances of your message reaching its full potential with social media circles and all across the web.

So what works for you? Leave a comment below.

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