10 Content Idea Generators for Blog or Article Writers

It happens to the best of us: writer’s block.

When writer’s block hits it can feel like the worst thing in the world especially when you have a community that you need to push content to; you certainly don’t want to let them down! If you’re feeling a bit stumped for new ideas for your content than consider these ten great ideas that will generate thousands of new topics for your next post.

Idea Journal. Whether it’s a pen & paper or a text file on your computer – keep an idea journal. Write down ideas that pop into your head. Every day you will find new inspiration and if your journal is readily available than you’ll never run out of post ideas again.
Observe. Look closely all around you and you’ll find a massive amount of inspiration. Look at the design and architecture of buildings. Look at how people interact with one another. Keep an eye out for what people are doing and you’ll find new ideas spring into your mind as if a muse were directly talking to you.
Respond. Find a common question that people ask that few (or no) others have responded to. Write down these questions and begin responding to them with a post for each.
• Interests. Write what interests you. People come to your website to hear what you have to say so why not go ahead and cover what you’d actually read? Your own interests may not be valuable to everyone but it can still be a great post for those that want to read what’s going on in your own mind.
• Inspiration. Watch what other people are doing and the content they produce then compliment theirs with your own. Write a follow up post to another website owner’s content or expand on an idea that you (or your community) finds interesting.
• Collect & Share Great Content. Find the best content you can, around the web, and share it in a massive list post. Your community will be thankful that you’ve taken the time to find valuable resources for them and during the process you may find a few ideas for your next content piece.
• Interview. Find someone who inspires you and ask if you can interview them. Talk for as long as you see fit even if you don’t completely record the interview for a post. Get into the mind of those you want to connect with because it may lead to thousands of new ideas and directions for your content.
• Video. Change up your usual writing style by recording a video instead. Purchase a small camera, set it up and sit down in front of it. Record nonsense; just get your ideas out there. Watch the video and see if you gain any additional idea. Likewise, figure out a topic you’d like to talk about and hit the record button – go at it!
• Personalize. Share something that you’ve rarely told others. Opening up to your community is a great way to build a connection. Each one of us has tons of secrets and little quirks that would make up content for a post.
• Series. Find one thing you’d like to cover and break it down into individual articles by looking at the unique steps required to accomplish each milestone. Use the topic’s milestones as a new idea for a post, begin writing and let the ideas fly onto paper (or screen).

Writer’s block is pretty common as we are all busy, but if you keep your mind fresh with new ideas it will never take hold of you. Try one (or all) of these methods for generating an idea; you may have one now – quickly. write about it!

I’d love to hear what you think or what works well for you. Leave a comment below.

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